Summer Camp Registration

Private Lessons Only

email us at 

Please bring a completed waiver to your first session
*Failure to bring a liability waiver form with you to practice (or have one on file with us no older than Summer of 2018) will result in the inability to practice and that session will be non-refundable. 

When registering for training sessions be sure to read dates and times carefully. You can always reference our Master Schedule.

Competitions will be posted on the Outdoor Meet Schedule page.

Summer Practices: 

Private Lessons                                                                                  
  • Rates vary based on accessibility, training plan, duration and experience level.
  • Open to all ages/abilities
  • Consultation session
  • Future training structured on a case by case basis

Open Pit                                                                                             
  • $25/2 hour session                                                            
  • Open to ages 12+/all abilities 
  • No coach required but coaches are welcome
  • Unstructured 
  • Poles provided

Introduction to Pole Vault                                                                
  • $25/2 hour session                                                          
  • Open to ages 12+                                                                              
  • Coaching ratio 2 to 5                                                                          
  • Coaches and parents welcome
  • Structured
  • Poles provided 
General Session                                                                                 
  • $40/2 hour session                                              
  • Open to ages 12+/all abilities
  • Coaching ratio 1 to 4                                                                   
  • Structured
  • Poles provided